Prof. Mike Blatt

UK Lead
Who I am …

Mike Blatt (Glasgow) has long researched closely related themes of membrane biophysics, signalling and cellular homeostasis in plants and fungi. Much of his work has centred on the functioning of stomatal guard cells and on the control of ion channels.


Prof. John Golbeck

US Lead
Who I am …

John Golbeck (Penn State) has long worked at the interface between physics and biology. His research makes use of time-resolved optical spectroscopy and physical methods to address questions of the molecular and biochemical processes of light capture and cyanobacterial photosynthesis.


Dr Julian Hibberd – Cambridge

Julian Hibberd  researches the control of photosynthesis gene expression and natural carbon concentrating mechanisms (CCMs). He was first to use GFP as a reporter in chloroplasts, develop techniques for chloroplast transformation, and demonstrate that C3 plants naturally possess much of the genetic requirements for C4 photosynthesis.


Prof. Nigel Burroughs – Warwick

Nigel Burroughs is an internationally known systems theoretician. His background is in theoretical physics and applied mathematics, and he has collaborated extensively with biologists and medics, working on a wide repertoire of problems in reaction kinetics, thermodynamics and biophysical modelling.


Prof. Cheryl Kerfeld – Berkeley/MSU

Cheryl Kerfeld specializes in self-assembling bacterial ‘organelles’, including the carboxysome, a metabolic module for carbon fixation in cyanobacteria. She is internationally recognized for her studies of carboxysome structure and assembly, and uses this knowledge to drive novel solutions to problems in molecular scaffolding.


Prof. Manish Kumar – Penn State

Manish Kumar researches the mechanisms by which membrane proteins assemble and function in lipid bilayers. He has developed a number of innovative methods for their biophysical analysis using in vitro and proteoliposome assemblies with fluorescence reporter and micro-stopped-flow technologies.


Prof. Nick Smirnoff – Exeter

Nick Smirnoff has interests in photosynthesis, and the biochemistry of stress metabolism in plants. Much of his work has centred on redox networks and control, especially under high light.